Junior Kiwi windsurfers go for the Madloop

January 27, 2011 | Windsurfing
Thomas Davies: the headmaster

The best junior Kiwi freestyle windsurfers are gearing up for a unique event. On the 26 February, the tricksters will compete in the Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition, to be held in Lake Pupuke.

This is New Zealand's first junior freestyle competition. Amaia Holten, the 11-year-old rider from Albany, is one of the youngest stars confirmed. Her skills are absolutely impressive and she is perfecting the no-foot "heli tack".

"I like a challenge and freestyle is a big challenge," Amaia says, a girl who has been windsurfing for just a year. Holten has dream: to emulate the success of Olympic gold medallist Barbara Kendall.

"Young windsurfers do have the opportunity to do Techno racing with their local yacht clubs, but we hope to broaden their competition opportunities, especially for those who are a little more radical in their windsurfing ideas," competition organiser Nadine Holten says.

Thomas Davies, Kiwi freestyle champion will be the judge of the Madloop Junior Freestyle Competition. This competition is open to all windsurfers under the age of 17.

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