Jurjen van der Noord breaks world speed windsurfing records

June 13, 2012 | Windsurfing
Jurjen van der Noord: speed windsurfing king

Jurjen van der Noord has broken the world GPS speed windsurfing records for the average mark in 500 meters and maximum speed in two seconds (50.51 knots/93.54 km/h).

The windsurfer ‎reached an average of 48.4 knots (89.60 km/h) at The Brace, Oosterland, Netherlands. The entire stunt was filmed by the makers of the "Ghosts of Speed" windsurf movie.

"As I parked the car the wind had already picked up. On the dike we measured 35 knots, gusting 43 knots. I already knew this could be a very good day so I took my time to rig my gear as good as possible", explained Jurjen van der Noord.

The initial plan was to hit Da Curve, a nearby speed windsurfing spot, but the Dutch team opted for The Brace. van der Noord took his smallest sail (Severne Reflex III 5.6) and his smallest board (Starboard iSonic Speedspecial W44).

"My first two runs in 10 seconds were both in the 82 km/h mark. Nice peak speeds, but the runs weren't good enough. Jacques told me he was doing 87 km/h runs, at that time. After that, my runs became much faster. Thanks Jacques!", reveals Jurjen.

van der Noord gets near excellent speed records, but then he decides to take a break. He fixes the position of the boom and mast foot and decides to try again.

"I used the last bit of energy I had left to do two more good runs. And yes, I made two more good runs with a very good peak of 50.51 knots". Watch the speed windsurfing session at The Brace, Oosterland.