Justyna Sniady joins the Simmer Style windsurfing team

March 18, 2013 | Windsurfing
Justyna Sniady: talented wave windsurfer

Justyna Sniady has signed a deal with Simmer Style. The talented wave windsurfer will battle for higher grounds.

Sniady has been building a career in wave windsurfing. The cheerful Polish rider is getting better in the past couple of years.

"Her sailing has always had a flair for the dramatic and this year her enthusiasm and hard charging demeanor will shine bright worldwide", believes Simmer Style.

"She charges hard in every situation and can't be taken lightly in any heat, either tack. The Polish sensation is only getting started with us", the company adds.

Justyna Sniady is excited to join the Simmer team and promises to be pushing the performance on the water as well, despite the severe injury suffered from last year.

"I have really good memories of Simmer, as I landed my first front loops and push loops on their sails, a few years ago, in Pozo. Also, as soon as I jumped on my new 2013 Simmer Sails my back loops just clicked so I think we make a good match! I really like both Icons and Blacktips - they are light, maneuverable, really stable", says Sniady.

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