Kai Lenny: Lake Michigan windsurf crosser

Kai Lenny has successfully completed the cross of Lake Michigan in the USA in two hours and 30 minutes.

The 19-year-old waterman windsurfed from shore to shore, starting at Sturgeon Bay and landing in Frankfort.

Lenny is the first windsurfer to sail from the west to east coast of Lake Michigan.

The challenge demands 56 miles of intense riding, and the Hawaiian did it at an average speed of 25 knots.

"I was so pumped to come back to the Midwest and try to tackle this project again," says Kai Lenny.

"For what I do, it's all about preparation. I've traveled to some of the most remote places with a plan, but the weather has its own idea."

"Last year, the wind just didn't cooperate, so we went back and looked at our data, and we were really confident about this."

The Hawaiian waterman - he is an avid surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, and stand-up paddleboarder - had to undergo a test of mental fitness and physical stamina against the whims of open water in order to complete the journey.

Kai Lenny had already tried to cross Lake Michigan in 2010, but the overall sailing conditions halted his dream.

Now, the young sailor wants to challenge new missions, and the vast waters of the Midwest are his next target.

Watch the highlights of the Lake Michigan crossing.

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