Kauli Seadi claims 2011 Ibiraquera Wave Contest

September 12, 2011 | Windsurfing
Kauli Seadi: wave jump master

Kauli Seadi and Wilhelm Schurmann were the standouts of the 2011 Ibiraquera Wave Contest. The 18th edition of this incredible windsurfing contest hosted, at the same time, Brazilian Windsurfing Wave Nationals.

Ibiraquera, located in the state of Santa Catarina, is considered the best wave sailing spot in Brazil. In the first day, the conditions weren’t easy, as side offshore winds gusting up to 35 knots and mast height sets kept coming through.

Each heat lasted for 13 minutes with the best two waves and two jumps counting. Schurmann who has won the IWC three times and Kauli Seadi who had six IWC titles, advanced through their heats and made it to the final for an incredible showdown.

Schurmann chose a nice wave of the set to start the heat with Kauli following on the wave behind. Point by point both sailors were very close, on the last few minutes, Schurmann got an incredible wave which after a few nice cutbacks, managed to launch into a high aerial which earned him enough points to beat Kauli Seadi on the Single Elimination.

The third place went to Gustavo Pereyra, from Argentina, who now lives close to Ibiraquera and is no stranger to the conditions. Gustavo impressed everyone with his high Pushloops and wave riding.

On Sunday, with nuking 30-to-40 knots and some gusts past 45 knots, windsurfers tried to find the smallest sail they could get their hands on. Schurmann and Seadi sailed out for the first final of the double elimination with 10 minutes to get three waves and complete three jumps.

Both sailors went all out with Kauli on this 3.6 and Schurmann on this 4.0 looking overpowered on his jumps. The results came out and it was Kauli Seadi that took the first Final of the Double, with this, another final would have to be run to determine who the winner of the 2011 IWC would be.

Seadi's tactics paid off and he sailed a perfect heat not missing a beat and scoring perfect jumps and nice waves to beat Schurmann and claim his 7th IWC title.

"The wave contest was incredible, we had super strong winds and I hadn’t sailed on a 3.7 since a wave event in Grand Canaria some 9 years ago. It was actually the same sail I used back then which luckily I still had. It was great to sail with all my friends again and see everyone ripping hard, especially the young generation like Erik Razera and Cristian Sauro", said Wilhelm Schurmann.

2011 Windsurfing Wave Nationals | Results

1, Kauli Seadi (BRA 253)
2. Wilhelm Schurmann (BRA 999)
3. Konan Lang