Kevin Pritchard wins the 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash

June 22, 2010 | Windsurfing

2010 Pistol River Wave Bash: epic, again

Kevin Pritchard has conquered the 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash, in Oregon, USA.

Over 75 windsurfers - from France to England - traveled to compete in legendary wind and wave conditions offered by the Oregon Coast.

In the final heat, Pritchard was better than Francisco Goya and took the trophy.

The 20 minute heat super final was intense with Kevin pulling big back loops, push loops and even a double forward.

On the Women's contest, Canadian Ingrid Larouche pulled out first place on the podium, followed by Tanya Saleh.

Final Results

1. Kevin Pritchard
2. Francisco Goya
3. Kai Katchadorian
4. Whit Poor
5. Nat Gill

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