Kiwi wave windsurfers get set for national championship

March 4, 2011 | Windsurfing

New Zealand: a country of wind and waves

The 2011 New Zealand Wave Nationals have been announced by the Taranaki Windsurf Club with the help of Carbon Art and Rodgers Dental.

The event is a national ranking man-on-man wave sailing contest run on the Taranaki coast. Seven different coastal locations will serve as the venue and the outcome will be the crowning of a New Zealand Wave champion.

"The past four years has shown the great depth of talent in New Zealand’s wave sailors. Three different champions have been crowned and numbers participating in the event are growing every year. We are looking forward to another great event this Easter. See you all there", says Paul Barron, Taranaki Windsurf Club treasurer.

Barron, Clayton Dougan, Dirk Ritterhaus Schmidt, Katrin Dau, Jebbe Unthank, Mike La Franchie and Jill Barron are some of the best wave windsurfers in New Zealand.

Taranaki has 105 kilometres of world famous coast line. Waitara, Weld Road, Kina Road South Break, Kina Road North Break, Pungarehu, Ahu Ahu Road, Boulders and The Port are the best wave sailing spots of New Zealand.

The Taranaki Wave Classic is New Zealand's premiere windsurfing event.

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