Kiwi windsurfers test the South Coast winds

December 10, 2009 | Windsurfing

South Coast New Zealand

This event was a fantastic success. 20 sailors, 3 sailing locations, awesome wind (approx 20-25 knots both days), 3 clubs meet up, Southern Lakes Club meets the new Invercargill Windsports Club and sailors from Dunedin, BBQ on the Sat night, and at least 3 new converts to Wave sailing. These were just some of the highlights of the recent club weekend.

Gavin and a few others from Dunedin went down on Friday night and sailed until late, the rest of us joined on Sat with 11 of us out most of the day at Monkey Island, some beginners to waves, others looping, Craig doing his first backward loop (accidentally, but its on video… way to go !).

The locals reckoned this was a record attendance for this amazing venue.

We then rushed off to Riverton Estuary for those who had got blown off the water before and to catch up with the Invercargill kiters who had felt it was too windy earlier. Again about 11 of us out at the estuary. What a sight, unfortunately it was rather gusty but hey we managed!

Erin, new club member, and very fast learning improver got out in 20 knot gusts, at first a few temper tantrums, but she finally got a few speedy runs which inspired her so much she went out and bought herself a shorter board. This late session was followed by a great BBQ at Club Treasurer Debs’ bach, a great place for a get-away.

The Invercargill club telling us how they have combined with the Blowcarters, an increasingly popular sport at the amazing venue of Oreti Beach.

Sunday saw a late start for many, quick stop at Colac Bay to catch Jeff and Mick on camera doing some incredible stuff, then on for another amazing day at Monkey Island for most. Finally at about 5pm we gave up, broken gear, blistered hands, exhausted people, but very big grins! All of us vowing to come back again.

There’s sure to be another club event, but anyone wanting to do down in the meantime, just call Gavin, he goes down regularly when there’s a good forecast and is quite happy to show people around and help them out with a few tips too (he is a high level instructor from overseas. Very useful friend! uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.