Klaas Voget signs with Simmer Style

January 5, 2010 | Windsurfing

Klass Voget

Klaas Voget G-4 has joined the International Simmer Style team.

Klaas was born in Aurich, Northern Germany and began to windsurf in 1992. Over his career he has balanced top results with inspiring explorative travel to almost all the corners of the earth.

He can adapt to any environment and always goes out no matter how big, scary or cold it is. When it comes down to it Voget is one of those guys that just loves to windsurf, and he does so at the top level.

Klaas’s sail of choice is the Icon and it seems only natural that he chooses Icon to cover his need for a versatile and powerful sail that will adapt to all the environments an elite travelling professional, such as Simmer’s Klaas Voget, encounters.

Chief Designer, Tomas Persson, flew into Hamburg on the 23rd to sign with Klaas and arm him with gear for his winter training in South Africa. With years of design and research experience Klaas will be working hands on with Tomas on the new Icon.

Tomas: “I have been watching Klaas closely for the past few years and have been highly impressed with his progression and professional manner both on and off the water. He is one of the most focused professional sailors out there, and with an outstanding understanding of product development Klaas’s energy, experience and go for it attitude will echo into our products. Besides this, he is also a top guy and a fantastic ambassador for our sport. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Klaas to our team!”

Klaas: “I’m stoked about my signing with Simmer. Just like my boardsponsor, Fanatic, Simmer has always been focused on the performance of their equipment and it feels great that I’ll be part of this process with Simmer. The people behind the brand are like minded, motivated, professional, forward thinking and I’m sure we’ll work well together – a meeting of minds if you like. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks of testing and tuning my gear for the new season!”

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