Kone One windsurfing class selected for the 15th Island Games

July 13, 2012 | Windsurfing
Kona One: this is classic windsurfing

The Kona One windsurfing class has been chosen as the official board for the 15th International Island Games.

The classic event will be held at Bermuda, between 13th-19th July 2013. In 2011, more than 2,300 athletes from 24 islands around the globe competed, at Isle of Man, in 15 sports such as sailing, swimming, triathlon and football.

"The board chosen will enable us to hold races in any conditions, including no wind days (SUP style). Being a no pumping class also played in the favor of the Kona One", says Neil Burnie, from the organizing committee.

Since the first Island Games held in 1985 at Isle of Man, they have grown into a major event hosted every second year by one of the islands associated, including islands like Cayman, Falklands and Åland.

"Being chosen for the 2013 Bermuda Island Games is a great honor and a new step in the international recognition of the Kona One", explains Joachim Larsson, CEO of Kona Windsurfing. "The spirit of the games and the Kona spirit is further a perfect match", he continues.

The intention is to hold a series of different types of races, to include mass fleet long distance races, and a series of short heat races.

The short races may also feature upwind and downwind racing and it is hoped that the boardsailing event will take place around a floating Island, where start and finish lines will be immediately adjacent to the spectators.

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