Kurosh Kiani is the 2012 Danish Slalom Windsurfing champion

September 12, 2012 | Windsurfing
Kurosh Kiani: the best slalom windsurfer in Denmark

Kurosh Kiani has been crowned 2012 Danish Slalom Windsurfing champion, at Hvide Sande, on the west coast of Denmark.

There were two days of wind races across the cold waters of the North Sea: Friday and Sunday. On the first day of competition, winds delighted all sailors.

"I managed to stay in the top 3, in all of the races, with half-local German guest Gunnar Asmussen beating me, with generally better results throughout the day. But being the best Danish sailor, the Danish slalom title was in my sights", explains Kiani.

The Danish windsurfer rode the same equipment during the entire event. "I was using my biggest Simmer Sails, which were from 7.8 to 9.5. I mostly used the bigger sizes, as I really felt comfortable on them, even when the wind picked up"

On Sunday, the weather forecast was promising, but when riders got down to the beach it wasn't that windy. After a while the wind kicked in again, and everyone got called out for another race.

"Gunnar was leading the race with Kasper Larsen behind him. Throughout the race, I managed to fight my way back to third place and was still in the lead for the title race", says Kurosh.

After that race, the wind dropped a lot and there was no more racing for that day. Kiani was the best Danish and could take the Danish Slalom Championship title for the first time ever.

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