Kurosh Kiani wins the Miami Slalom Series 2012

November 9, 2012 | Windsurfing
Miami Slalom Series: sailing till sunset

Kurosh Kiani has conquered the Miami Slalom Series 2012. The Danish windsurfer was the fastest in Floridian waters.

Kiani ended up the 2012 PWA Slalom World Tour in the 29th position. As winter took control of the Old Continent, the Danish rider traveled to the US East Coast for the Miami Slalom Open Windsurfing Championships, in Virginia Key, Key Biscayne.

"After a couple days of cruising and chilling, the wind kicked on the second day and we headed out to do races. It was all full fleet, so it didn't take very much time to finish three races", explains Kiani.

In the following days, all sailors managed to go through 11 races in a laid-back atmosphere, with windsurfers sharing experiences across age groups and cultures.

"I managed to stay ahead and win the title ahead of Sean and youngster from Curacao Jean Patrick. There is a lot of talent coming from this side of the world, so watch out for these youngsters in the future", added Kiani.

Miami Slalom Series 2012 | Results

Pro Men Fleet

1. Kurosh Kiani
2. Sean O'Brien
3. Jean Patrick Van der Wolde
4. Diego Domenniani
5. Milan Gielingh

Women Fleet

1. Beverly Gomez
2. Stacey Stokes
3. Beth Winkler

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