Lack of wind delays the Baltic NeilPryde Cup 2009 in Estonia

August 28, 2009 | Windsurfing

Baltic NeilPryde Cup 2009

The most important windsurfing event on the Baltic Sea - Baltic NeilPryde Cup 2009 final started today with no wind.

Registration for the competition begun on Thursday evening and continued on Friday morning. Many participants arrived already on Thursday to get
the advantage of training before the competition.

Competitors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia, altogether 87 windsurfers are here to show what they got.

The first start that was planned to kick off at one o'clock was postponed due to the wind speed that did not exceed 1,5 m/s. At two o'clock it looked like the weather conditions will get better as wind was rising to 2m/s. We got our hopes up to get at least the Raceboards on the water but as the wind calmed it did not happen.

Even though the weather was not suitable for windsurfing everybody was enjoying the warm weather. The day was filled with the fun of chilling and sailing with SUP's. It does not matter if the competition is postponed, the after surf & beach party with grill, music and punch of surf loving people rocks always.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is much better with wind speed 4-8m/s that allows us to get the race started.

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