Lars Petersen will release Winner To Wavesailor DVD

June 30, 2009 | Windsurfing

Winner To Wavesailor DVD

TeamPryde rider Lars Petersen is proud to announce that his eagerly anticipated and last film in Feed Your Soul Instructional Trilogy is finally complete! The name is "Winner To Wavesailor".

'Our aim have been clear: To create a wave sailing instructional masterpiece!' Winner to Wavesailor is the most comprehensive wavesailing instructional DVD ever produced. 

It’s aim is to guide people to be the best wavesailors they can be. From first day getting out in the waves to first loops, from down the line in cross off perfection to making the most of cross on waves, this movie has it all.

Rotations are covered both backwards and forwards right up to doubles. Forward loops, back loops, push loops and more are covered in depth and from all angles. The red-hot action demos are by the JP/ Pryde international team including Kauli Seadi and Jason Polakow in footage from Brazil, Chile, Maui and Europe.

The DVD will be going out to the shops around mid July.

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