Laurence Carey prevails at the 2014 Elements Spring Racing

September 25, 2014 | Windsurfing
2014 Elements Spring Racing: tight races at Fergusson Park | Photo: Elements Watersports

Laurence Carey has triumphed in the 2014 Elements Spring Racing, at Fergusson Park, Tauranga, in New Zealand.

The Kiwi windsurfing event is designed to attract podium-chasing racers, but also all those weekend warriors, and recreational funboarders. Riders from as far afield as Wellington and Warkworth attended the competition.

After a little buoy maneuvering, racing got underway with some fast, clean starts in all fleets. The lumpy conditions at the marks challenged even the most seasoned campaigner, and mid-race tuning of the course was required as significant wind shifts impacted a couple of races.

Laurence Carey showed an outstanding Gold Fleet form across the day, with those in behind all battling for the remaining places. The pro windsurfer accelerated and enjoyed an error-free sheet on the short course.

The Bronze Fleet, won by Trevor Kimbler, was thrown into the Silver Fleet mix, with race strategies and commitment to fully powered gybes emerging in the gusty conditions. Darryl McConnel took first place away from the experienced Bruce Spedding.

Darren Nicholas conquered the Barry's Cup, a trophy in memory of the late Tauranga windsurfer, Barry Anderson.

2014 Elements Spring Racing | Final Results

Gold Fleet
1. Laurence Carey
2. Harry Reed
3. Tim Wood
4. Darren Nicholas
5. Alex Hart

Silver Fleet
1. Darryl McConnel
2. Bruce Spedding
3. Bernard Carey
4. Alexander Stroh
5. Dave Stewart

Bronze Fleet
1. Trevor Kimbler
2. Andrew Porter
3. Luke Wallbridge
4. Coral Headey
5. Wayne Bywood

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