Leon Jamaer enlightens the 2012 Red Bull Soulwave

June 29, 2012 | Windsurfing
2012 Red Bull Soulwave: welcome to Cold Hawaii, in Denmark

Leon Jamaer is the winner of the 2012 Red Bull Soulwave, held in Klitmøller, the "Cold Hawaii", in Denmark.

More than 50 competitors from Germany, Denmark, France and Poland competed in the windsurfing event that has added stand-up paddleboarding to the action days.

The best performance in both disciplines windsurfing and SUP would dictate the overall champion. Leon Jamaer, from Germany, was absolutely fired up and took the 2012 Red Bull Soulwave in foreign waters.

"Less sleep and lots of time on the water, like that I never experienced the Midsummer before! That I also won the event in the end is really cool for me!", told Jamaer.

The Red Bull Soulwave was originally created in Germany, but it was run by 10 consecutive year (1995-2005) in the Danish coastal shores. The return of the iconic event saw local star Kenneth Danielsen winning the windsurfing category, with Jamaer in second and Klaas Voget in third. Casper Steinfath won the SUP contest.

Results from the Overall Competition (Windsurfing + SUP)
1. Leon Jamaer (DE)
2. Klaas Voget (DE)
3. Artur Arutkin (FR)

1. Kenneth Danielsen (DK)
2. Leon Jamaer (DE)
3. Klaas Voget (DE)

Stand Up Paddling
1. Casper Steinfarth (DK)
2. Artur Arutkin (FR)
3. Peter Steinfarth (DK)

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