Levi Siver claims 2012 Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival

May 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
Levi Siver: always higher in the waves

Levi Siver has won the 2012 Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival, at Waddell Creek Beach. There were enough wind and waves to complete the single eliminations in most categories and heats were run in double eliminations.

The 2012 American Windsurfing Tour has been opened in great style with all competitors battling hard to show that their pre-season trainings were not in vain.

Marcilio Browne showed his Double Forwards, Levi Siver unveiled his rotational Wave 360s and Bernd Roediger was fired up during the entire competition.

In the last day of competition, wind and wave conditions were not perfect, but the winners were crowned. The next stage of the 2012 American Windsurfing Tour will be the Pistol River Wave Bash, to be sailed between 14th-17th June, in Gold Beach, Oregon.

1. Levi Siver
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Graham Ezzy
4. Bernd Roediger
5. Camille Juban
5. Kevin Pritchard

1. Ingrid Larouche
2. Sam Bittner
3. Fiona Wylde
4. Leah Doran
5. Cat Tai
5. Lindsey Vitort

1. Harley Stone
2. Nick Dudet
3. Casey Rehrer
4. Fiona Wylde
5. Jordan Reid

1. Reed Nelson
2. Brian Caserio
3. Bruce Dilbeck
4. Seth Levy
5. Attila Tivadar
5. Eric Welty

1. Jerry McKay
2. Alex Poore
3. Dave Robinson
3. Chris Freeman
5. Seth Levy
5. Casey Rehrer

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