Levi Siver jumps to victory in the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash

June 16, 2014 | Windsurfing
Levi Siver: frozen heights

Levi Siver won the 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash, in Oregon.

It has been hailed as one of the most impressive contest days of all time in the West Coast of USA. With the wind gusting over 30 knots and sets rolling in constantly in the head-to-logo-high range, sailors gave everything they had.

In the Pro division final, riders would count their best two waves and jumps. Marcilio Browne, Kevin Pritchard, Camille Juban and Levi Siver out in the water. What a line-up.

Despite landing extremely difficult back loop variations and displaying solid, powerful wave rides, Pritchard finished fourth. Juban landed one good double forwards and showed strong wave rides to keep third.

Browne landed three doubles, but Siver's strong surf mixed with huge tweaked airs and massive back loops secured him the overall title.

"Fun event with the boys. The final was held in challenging conditions and small waves. Somehow I came out with a win, but I couldn't imagine it was by much," says Siver.

In the Women's final, Larouche stole the title, despite just coming off a nasty injury. Her wave riding didn't show her lack of recent training and landing a clean forward loop helped secure victory.

Not far behind was Fiona Wylde, in second. Her time spent training in Maui has paid off, with her wave selection being spot-on and her aggressive style leading her to some of the longest and highest scoring wave rides in the heat.

Sarah Hauser took the third spot on the podium with her incredible flowing style and definitely the single sickest wave smack of the entire competition. Finishing just off the podium but still sailing strong was Carolina Butrich who is from Peru and was impressing all with her smooth style in the crazy high wind conditions.

2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash Results

Pro Men:
1. Levi Siver
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Camille Juban
4. Kevin Pritchard

Pro Women
1. Ingrid Larouche
2. Fiona Wylde
3. Sarah Hauser
4. Carolina Butrich

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