Loftsails: spreading wings across the planet | Photo: Carter/PWA

Loftsails has announced it has partnered with Equipe Trading B.V. to enhance the brand value and oversee logistics to the company's distributor network.

Loftsails was founded in 2000 by Monty Spindler. The brand has been distributing its windsurfing products via a licensee, but Spindler has decided to change the course of the game.

The founder, originally from the USA, will now focus on product development with the clear goal of winning races, breaking records, and producing sails that all windsurfers can benefit.

"Partnering with Equipe Trading is a breakthrough for Loftsails and a chance for us all to take a massive step forward," expressed Spindler.

"I'm grateful to Multigliss for establishing the brand so firmly thus far and stoked that together, we can all get to the next level, both on and off the water!

Michel Marchand will continue to represent Loftsails in France and French overseas territories, while Equipe Trading B.V. expects to promote the brand and boost sales in the international markets.

"When I started making masts and booms back in 2003, I had no idea Equipe Trading would grow to work with legends such as Monty Spindler!" explains Job Verbunt, CEO at Equipe Trading.

"Since then, we've built a solid network of quality stores worldwide and pride ourselves on our service-level and brand management standards that have seen the company grow so healthily in what has overall been a market in decline."

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