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January 15, 2008 | Windsurfing

GPS Windsurfing

We are thrilled to announce a live GPS connection to the video timed "Driven by Wind" attempt in Southend which is organised and set up by Dave White. and team up to present you the start of this new era. Video and GPS timing will be combined to promote this official WSSRC video timed record hunt, which with the help of GPS can be followed by all interested parties world wide.

Coming Tuesday January 15 2008, this combined record attempt takes off with a test race at this super fast English spot on the inlet of the river Thames. The spot is located east of London.

The kick off of the event is held during the London boat show. It’s a great time to show what GPS-Speedsurfing is about and show the world the current accuracy levels that can be achieved with Doppler devices. teamed up with our Dutch partner ChampionChip to be able to show the live standings. The first day will be a test run, please bear this in mind. We could encounter some problems but we expect everything to run smoothly.

A link to the live section of the event will be placed on the main page of the website before Tuesday.

The event will be attended by Finian Maynard and Björn Dunkerbeck as well as many other riders. Dave White is organising the Driven by Wind event which could change the history of speedsurfing. His website will give all official information after the official races.

The GPS standings will based on 10 second runs during this first test run. Official Video and GPS comparisons will be made afterwards. We want to make sure the findings can be truly compared since GPS allows for free sailing and potentially a faster 500 metre or nautical mile can be sailed outside of the official racing area.

In near future can show live 500 metre data based on start and finish trackpoints so we will be able to show the official racing distance, still the video timed results are leading!

The wind prediction is looking promising with solid wind speeds up till 45 knots predicted on the course, but we expect the angle will be pretty tight. Records will most probably not be set this time.

Source: GPS Speedsurfing

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