Magnus Zaunmueller dominates the 2011 Walleye Wagatta

May 16, 2011 | Windsurfing
Magnus Zaunmueller: young and strong

Magnus Zaunmueller cleared the A-Fleet division of the 2011 Walleye Wagatta, held in Lake Winnebago. Sailors had to battle big winds, choppy water and mild temperatures.

Races kicked off with the famous “M” course with upwind legs, multiple reaches and jibes, and a broad downind run to the leeward mark. There were great tight races but the 15-year-old windsurfer Magnus Zaunmueller kept dominating the competitors.

Ted Schweitzer won the second race sailing an Original Windsurfer setup, in 15-20mph winds. Great experience and a lesson to everyone. On Sunday, a Figure 8 slalom course was set to take advantage of the strong winds and also give us the ability to run the start/inside jibe/finish line right off the beach and do Race Committee from shore.

Tim Cleary showed how to do it as he won both Slalom Race 1 and 2. Kevin Gratton used his homecourt advantage to win Slalom Race 3 and 5. Magnus Zaunmueller again showed that he can keep up with the big boys by winning Slalom Race 4.

Gatis Makstenieks was the top sailor in the Sport Fleet, finishing all five slalom races, no small feat considering the challenging conditions. Other notable performances were Peter Hartwich completing all five slalom races (with three second place finishes) on his IMCO setup, Kathy Leifer’s second place in Slalom Race 4, and Don Altmeyer following up his second place in Slalom Race 3 with the slam of the day during Slalom Race 4.

After all this racing, Magnus Zaunmueller had the consistency and top finishes to come away with the win. Kevin Gratton finished in second place overall, Adam Anderson finished third overall, Peter Hartwhich finished fourth and Don Altmeyer fifth. Gatis Makstenieks finished first in Sport Fleet.

A-Fleet Overall

USA722Magnus Zaunmueller
USA8Kevin Gratton
EL111Adam Anderson
PJ1Peter Hartwich
USA06Don Altmeyer
WI71Tim Cleary
288454Ted Schweitzer
USA205Kathy Leifer
USA81Andy Gratton
ELWayne Anderson
USA87Mike Reed
C443Delburn Carpenter
292Alex Monroe