Maksymilian Wojcik is the 2013 Raceboard world champion

September 16, 2013 | Windsurfing
Maksymilian Wojcik: light wind specialist

Maksymilian Wojcik has been crowned the 2013 Raceboard windsurfing world champion, in the Nove Mlyny Lake, Czech Republic.

In the last day of competition, tension mounted alongside with light winds. Maksymilian Wojcik claimed all three bullets, in the last three championship races, to secure the Raceboard world title.

Max finished the contest with nine points, a clear eight points ahead of Patrik Pollak, who ends up with the Masters' trophy, as well as second overall. Louis Morris managed to maintain his foothold on the third place, with a consistently strong performance throughout the championship.

Juha Blinnikka, from Finland, deserves a mention as the first Grandmaster, while fellow compatriot Mai Mannisto was the first Veteran. First Youth was Nikl Andras, from Hungary.

In the Women's Fleet, overnight leader Jana Slivova lost her top position and slipped down to second, whilst Vita Matise took three bullets to get just one point ahead of Jana. She is the 2013 Raceboard Women's world champion.

Consequently, Martina Hruba was left to take a well deserved third place on the podium.

2013 Raceboard World Championship | Results


1. Maksymilian Wojcik
2. Patrik Pollak
3. Louis Morris
4. Curro Manchon
5. Sylvain Dehouve


1. Matise Vita
2. Jana Slivova
3. Martina Hruba
4. Ilona Grinberga
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