Mark Boersma clears the 2012 Wind Power Championships

September 29, 2012 | Windsurfing
Mark Boersma: watch the buoy

Mark Boersma dominated the inaugural event of the 2013 MOWind Race Series, which kicked off with the Wind Power Championships, in Fond du Lac, USA.

Official racing started with southwest winds, at about 10-15 mph. The race committee set the famous Wind Power "M" course and the first race was a pretty standard MOWind affair, with the start and upwind tactics playing a large part in the finishing order.

The second race was a different story. The wind increased substantially to well over 20-25 mph and sail handling became the most important factor. Plenty of crashes were seen through the jibes and several wipeouts also on the downwind leg.

Then, a figure-8 slalom course was set, with three laps per race. The wind stayed in the 20+ range and a few guys on slalom boards took advantage for the top few places in Race 3.

But in Race 4, winds backed down to 15-20 mph with a southerly shift making it a much tighter reach on starboard tack and quite broad on port tack. The slalom boards struggled with the high angles, so the longboards took the top spots again. With diminishing winds and plenty of sore sailors, racing was called for the day after Race 4.

The Sunday forecast was for more wind in the 10-20 mph range, but the early risers saw no indication of it as they got to the race site. The race committee warned of an "Unknown Race", during the skipper’s meeting, and finally gave details.

Sailors needed to complete a series of reaches and jibes, while performing tricks like sail 360s and sailing backwards between the marks, while wearing RC-issues costumes, collecting a pumpkin before the final leg and finishing once the pumpkin was delivered to shore.

2012 Wind Power Championships | A-Fleet Results

1. Mark Boersma
2. Arden Anderson
3. Andy Gratton
4. Adam Anderson
5. Alex Monroe

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