Martin Ervin and Juha Blinnikka lead the Baltic NeilPryde Cup 2009

August 30, 2009 | Windsurfing

Baltic NeilPryde Sea Cup 2009

The second race day started as planned with 11 o'clock skipper's meeting. By the first start the wind speed was 4,5 m/s and the competition got started.

The first ones to hit the water were the Raceboards and soon after Formulas went out too.

Due to the wind turning the first start was cancelled. Same time there were also sailing competitions taking place so there was a lot of action happening on the sea.

Martin Ervin (EST-202) who has won all the three competition series of NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2009 won also the first race today. During the second race wind was calming down. Fortunately both Formulas and Raceboards could finish the race. Around four o'clock rain interrupted the competition and ended the day.

Even though there were only two races held the day was emotional, changing weather conditions and gusty wind put competitors skills to the test. After the 2 races for both Formulas and Raceboards the results are as follows:

1.-2. Martin Ervin (EST-202)
1.-2. Toomas Mölder (EST-44)
3. Ansis Dale (LAT-13)

1. Juha Blinnikka (FIN-6)
2. Gunars Rozenbergs (LAT-1)
3. Alvis Ozolins (LAT-20)

The best woman Maarja Niinemets (EST-84) is from Estonia, the best within Youth class is Rihards Akmentins (LAT-30) from Latvia and best within Juniors is Lithuanian Andrius Sluburkys (LTU-153).

Tomorrow will be the last day of the NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2009 finals. Timing for tomorrow's Kippers meeting and first start has changed to 1 hr earlier, so Kippers will meet at 10 AM and the first start is planned for 11 o'clock.

Source: Estonian Windsurfing Association

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