Martyn Ogier speeds up to the 49 knots

December 12, 2011 | Windsurfing
Martyn Ogier: here comes the bullet

Martyn Ogier has sailed up to the 49.62 knots, at West Kirby, in England.

"The course is very broad, the start is flat but the word is as you progress down the course the chop get horrendous and unsailable", says Ogier.

The weather conditions were gnarly. The wind was blowing steady 41 knots with gusts of 53 knots. It is possible to imagine how difficult is to get into speed windsurfing in the UK.

"In the car park it was cold but I was taken aback when I got into the water, freezing. Gloves, neoprene hood and boots all needed. I only had neoprene shoes and after one run could feel the base of my feet", he explains.

"I ended up completing six runs, all over 42 knots/10 seconds, except the last two, and all over 44 knots maximum. One run did stand out at 49.43 Knots maximum, with 46 knots/10 seconds on one GPS, and 49.62 knots maximum and 46.52/ 10 seconds on the other. I new it was fast because it hurt a lot when I crashed at the end of the run".

"The wind angle was perfect for big speeds, but West Kirby won't have flat water in that direction. As soon as you were hitting 49 knots, the chop was 30cm high and you couldn't slow down. I crashed after every run. I was pushing hard. though."

"Great to get 49.5 knots maximum, when averaging out my two GPS. Believe it or not sailing at 49 isn't as scary as you would think. It's all about being in control".

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