Mathilde Zampieri: a young pro windsurfer from Tahiti's Raiatea | Photo: Zampieri Archive

Meet Mathilde Zampieri, the youngest pro windsurfer in the history of Tahiti.

Originally from France, Mathilde's family relocated to the island of Raiatea, in French Polynesia, when she was a child.

Her father, Gwen, a professional windsurfing instructor, began teaching her to windsurf from an early age on the island's beautiful lagoons.

It wasn't long before Mathilde caught the eye of major sponsors like airline company Air Tahiti Nui and eyewear brand Julbo.

"Vahine I Te Moana," or "Girl In The Sea," is a film that takes its audience to her island and shows what it's like to be the youngest professional windsurfer in the world.

"As a director, I feel that my primary responsibility on a project is to share a meaningful story. That is why this concept resonated so strongly with me," notes filmmaker Colter Johnson.

"In addition to her success as a professional athlete, Mathilde is working hard to set a positive example for women on her island and abroad. My ultimate goal for this film is to share Mathilde's story around the world so that young people everywhere can see what happens when you stay true to yourself and your community."

Mathilde Zampieri is one of the rising stars of the PWA World Tour, pro windsurfing's international circuit. She might be only 16, but her dreams grow as fast as her skills in the water.

"I know it is going to take a lot of work, but I want to be the best. When I'm going fast with the wind, I just think nothing can stop me. I want to show people that even if you come from a little island, you can do huge things," adds Zampieri.

"Vahine I Te Moana" is an 18-minute movie available through Amazon Video.

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