Matteo Iachino dedicates maiden PWA victory to late Alberto Menegatti

June 17, 2015 | Windsurfing
Matteo Iachino: a maiden victory inspired by Alberto Menegatti | Photo: Carter/PWA

Matteo Iachino has conquered the 2015 Catalunya PWA World Cup, in Costa Brava, Spain.

The Italian windsurfer dedicated his maiden PWA World Tour triumph to Alberto Menegatti, his fellow countryman, who passed away unexpectedly in February, 2015.

Arnon Dagan almost won the Spanish Slalom windsurfing event, but the Israeli made a premature start and was disqualified from race two. Dagan prayed for no wind, but the competition resumed, and Iachino saw a chance to steal the lead.

Matteo kept his composure, won race two and finished fourth in the last run. Ross Williams had a regular performance and celebrated silver. Antoine Albeau managed to grab the last place on the podium.

"It's an unbelievable result. I can't believe it. The racing itself was tough with the gusty conditions making timing the start difficult. In the final I took advantage of a small gybing mistake by Malte Reuscher and from there I managed to hold onto the lead," explained Matteo Iachino.

"Afterwards a new race was announced and my stress levels were super high. I went for it again and everything went well - finishing fourth - on the way back to the beach I was counting and thought that maybe I had a chance of winning, so I couldn't believe it when it was real."

Iachino said he was thinking about Alberto the whole time. "Without him I would've never believed that I could be where I am right now. Basically, it's thanks to him that I am here - he's the one that made me start to believe that my dream could come true. Thanks, Alby."

2015 Catalunya PWA World Cup | Top 5

1. Matteo Iachino
2. Ross Williams
3. Antoine Albeau
4. Pierre Mortefon
5. Cyril Moussilmani

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