Maui Race Series celebrate 30th anniversary

July 8, 2014 | Windsurfing
Maui Race Series: the battle for the buoy | Photo: Harry Wiewel

The Maui Race Series are celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The Maui Race Series have been attracting Slalom windsurfers to the second largest island in Hawaii for 30 years. For 2014, there are five stages being held between June and August.

After the Carbon Art Challenge and the DaKine Classic, the Meanline Fins Slalom kicked off in light but steady, north winds. Twenty-five heats were sailed across multiple age divisions.

In the 19-39 competitions, Dan Ellis managed to take four bullets, followed closely by Mark Boersma. In the 40-49 division Peter Slate managed to take three first places, with Kai Hopf claiming the final bullet.

Wave sailing great Francisco Goya made it down for the racing also where he came in third. It will be interesting to see if Goya can threaten Peter Slate's crown at the Quiksilver Cup.

The Women's division was also a tight battle. Argentina Bonilla managed to win the first two bullets. Tamara won the third heat, which means the battle for first would depend on the results of the final race.

Unfortunately, Tamara broke a mast, and New Zealand national champion Annie Crombie won the final heat. This meant that the Women's trophy would go to Bonilla.

Finally, the most fierce age division (50-59) made for some great racing. Phil McGain took four bullets with Mike Yasak following in second.

30th Annual Maui Race Series Schedule

Carbon Art Challenge | June 7
DaKine Classic | June 21
Meanline Fins Slalom | July 5
Quiksilver Cup | July 19
Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championship | August 2

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