Meherio: a film documenting the lives of Mathilde Zampieri, Aelan Vaast and Vaimiti Teiefitu | Photo: Colter Johnson

French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But it also exports truly talented sportswomen.

"Meherio" is a documentary featuring professional windsurfer Mathilde Zampieri, as well as pro surfers Aelan Vaast and Vaimiti Teiefitu.

They are three of the most exciting young female watersports performers in French Polynesia. The 45-minute movie was shot by Colter Johnson.

"As a director. I feel that my primary responsibility in a project is to share a powerful story. I want to take the audience places they’ve never been," says Johnson.

"The three athletes featured in this film are truly inspiring, and my main goal for this project was to showcase their abilities against the epic backdrop of beautiful French Polynesia."

"Meherio" is a Tahitian word that means "mermaid." Watch these three young talents explore the sailing and surfing opportunities their islands have to offer.

They will find some shade at Teahupoo and chase down striking sunsets on Raiatea.

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