Mick Green victorious in the Brass Monkeys Winter Speed Challenge

September 17, 2012 | Windsurfing
Brass Monkeys Speed Challenge: everyone wants that toy

The Brass Monkeys Winter Speed Challenge has wrapped up in the frigid waters and icy winds of Inverloch, Victoria, Australia. Mick Green took the monkey out of Dan Poynton's hands.

Every winter, windsurfers from the Inverloch Windsurfing Club enter a quest to find the fastest speed on the coldest day. Bragging rights and a prestigious trophy are always at stake.

"The formula is your peak recorded speed minus the air temperature, divided by the wind speed. The key is to go as fast as possible, in the coldest temperature and in the least ammount of wind", explains Dan Poynton, Brass Monkey champion.

So, windsurfers of the Brass Monkeys Winter Speed Challenge try to find the most miserable day, instead of windy and sunny skies. All riders love the feeling of being out in the water, in extreme temperatures, all by themselves. In the end, the winner takes home a monkey toy.

This year, each member had to play an away game and sail at least 100 kilometres from the Inlet. This variable also plays in the decision of the overall winner.

Mick Green, a windsurfer with 20 years of experience, took first place with 1.23 points. Dazza placed second with 1.18 points and Peter Nathan clinched bronze with 1.08 points.