Morgan Noireaux wins 2017 Barbados Waterman Festival

June 5, 2017 | Windsurfing
Morgan Noireaux: flying over Barbados | Photo: Crowther/IWT

Morgan Noireaux has taken out the 2017 Barbados Waterman Festival, in the Caribbean waters.

The second stop on the 2017 International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) season got underway in the land of Brian "deAction" Talma, the uber active waterman and event organizer.

Despite the tricky weather conditions, the IWT team was able to conclude the competition and crown champions. The final day started with torrential rain and violent squalls but ended with sun, smiles, and waves.

The Men's final had four experienced sailors. Talma showed his talent in front of his home crowd, Kevin Pritchard pulled his trademark one handed, one footed back loop, and Gollito Estredo landed an incredibly clean air chacho, the best score of the heat.

But Morgan hadn't traveled to Barbados to watch others shine. He Noireaux opted for getting the best set waves and applying multiple critical hits to the rollers. In the end, he was crowned the winner of the event.

"It was a super fun event here in Barbados. It was awesome to have it alongside the Beach Culture World Tour and being shown around and hosted by deAction Man himself, Brian Talma. I had a great time competing and discovering what Barbados is all about," expressed Morgan Noireaux.

On the women's side, Cecilia Tolley suffered a laceration on her foot but decided to compete anyway. Sam Bittner tried her best, but she was not able to stop Flora Vergnoll from celebrating the victory.

The next stop on the 2017 International Windsurfing Tour is the Baja Desert Showdown, in Mexico, from August 19-26.

2017 Barbados Waterman Festival | Finals

1. Morgan Noireaux
2. Gollito Estredo
3. Kevin Pritchard
4. Brian Talma

1. Flora Vergnoll
2. Sam Bittner
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