Nathan Mershon crowned 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash champion

June 21, 2011 | Windsurfing
2011 Pistol River Wave Bash: in traveler mode

The 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash was a great success. Plenty of wind forced windsurfers to impressive moves. The action was intense in all divisions.

Fortunately, the last day delivered wind, waves and sun for the classic 30-minute Expression Session. Boujmaa Guilloul, an experienced PWA windsurfer, took the overall victory, ahead of Nathan Mershon and Sean Aiken.

In the main event, the story was different. After two long days the full double elimination decisions were made.

Nathan Mershon is the winner of the 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash. In second place was Josh Stone and in third came Boujmaa Gouilloul. Ingrid Larouche was the best female windsurfer, Royn Vartholdi took the Masters division and Morgan Noireaux won the Youth category.

The best American windsurfers now head to the San Carlos Cactus Cup, in Mexico, between July 30th and August 6th.

1st Nathan Mershon
2nd Josh Stone
3rd Boujmaa Gouilloul

1st Morgan Noireaux
2nd Bernd Roediger
3rd Zane Schweitzer

1st Ingrid Larouche
2nd Miho Tanaka
3rd Trudy Lary

1st Royn Bartholdi
2nd Atilla Tivadar
3rd Dana Miller

1st MacRae Wylde
2nd Casey Rehrer
3rd Ingrid Larouche