Neil Pryde is developing the new RS:X hull

December 2, 2009 | Windsurfing

RS:X Class

The RS:X Class is working closely with Neil Pryde Windsurfing to achieve an 'Evolution' in the performance of the RS:X hull without changing its existing shape, durability or longevity. The mold remains the same. The Hull may just get lighter.

The 2009 RS:X AGM approved a submission to carry out a feasibility study to find out whether this is possible without resorting to exotics which could make the hull more expensive.

Given Class AGM approval, the RS:X Evo hull would be introduced on Jan 1st 2013.

RS:X Evo 1 is being tested now. Evo 2 is on the way. Given Feedback from top racers round the world, modifications can then be made before a further submission is made to the class AGM.

By 2012, the RS:X Class will have been 'in' for 8 years. The first quad was a steep learning curve for all involved. Neil Pryde did a fantastic job of producing tightly controlled one design equipment for the 08 Games. The racers were blown away by how equal the performance was between all 70 sets supplied.

We bid for 2012 based on 'stability' to give everyone the breathing space to benefit from their existing investments in the 'new' equipment.

The class is therefore considering the possibility of making an evolution in 2012 in just the same way as the 49er class introduced a new rig.

Before the RS:X AGM can make a decision it has to perform due diligence. This is what we are doing.

As for the future of the class, we are proposing a policy of 'Evolution NOT Revolution' to the ISAF. Each time there is a change to Olympic windsurfing equipment, MNAs everywhere have to write off their existing investment and start all over again.

This can only benefit the rich nations with the money to get up and running again quickly. The less fortunate MNAs take a long time to get back into the game. Our focus is on these nations as we do our best to help them Reach-4-The-Top with our training program.

Evolving the equipment will mean that national programs can make an evolution too. Announcing this early [2009] means that MNAs can plan their expenditure and Neil Pryde can match production to the anticipated demand.

So what happens to the 'old' hulls? We are working on a plan which will extend their useful life beyond 2012 and therefore allow a continued ROI on money already spent. More on that when it is approved by the class AGM.

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