RS:Convertible: the new windsurfing class by NeilPryde | Photo: EyeFly Pacific

The RS:Convertible is a multigenerational one-design wind foiling class featuring two divisions: the RS:X Convertible and the RS:One Convertible.

Both divisions are capable of racing in two modes - foil and fin - with the same board and rigs, and they've already been registered at World Sailing.

The RS:X Convertible is the elite division featuring an ultimate convertible performance pack with the latest technologies available in the industry: full carbon board, foil and fin, and a 7.8 sail for men or 7.0 for women.

The RS:One Convertible is the universal division coming from the same pedigree as the RS:X Convertible but with more accessible features such as a carbon/glass board, aluminum foil, G10 fin, a 7.8 rig for men, 7.0 for the women or youth boys, and 6.3 for youth girls (Under 18).

RS:Convertible: available in RS:X and RS:One | Photo: EyeFly Pacific

Both divisions will race using the same format in two different modes, depending on the conditions selected by the PRO (Principal Race Officer).

Foiling mode will be used in non-planing and marginal conditions, while the fin mode will be selected in full planing conditions.

The first two international wind foiling events will be the RS:One Convertible Europeans and RS:X World Convertible Championships, to be held this year in France and the Azores, respectively. 

The new windsurfing class has its own website at

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