NeilPryde expands the Forceline sail concept

May 13, 2014 | Windsurfing
Forceline sails: construction complexity and weight are reduced

NeilPryde has evolved its Forceline structural reinforcements into a full sail concept.

After introducing the Forceline panels, the windsurfing brand has expanded the formula into the sail, where loads are now seamlessly controlled and dispersed in the entire, tack, foot, clew and leech of the sails.

The foot sections of all sails are now filled entirely with two Forceline panels, and the central foot panel is removed entirely.

Weight is reduced, non-structural materials are removed and replaced with load bearing yarns that are perfectly aligned with loads from the sail corners.

"Further, we've also developed new materials for 2014 with yarn directions and densities that allow us to tie in the leech and luff loads into this same concept of technical construction and load management", explains NeilPryde.

"Forceline panels continue to be stitch free and laminated under heat and pressure and in combination with our ArmourWeb materials provide the backbone of sail strength and unmatched durability."

The strategically placed filaments function like cables in a suspension bridge, to absorb and disperse loads in the body of the sail.

In the end, the overall construction complexity and weight are reduced.

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