NeilPryde launches the EVO V racing sail

November 2, 2012 | Windsurfing
Antoine Albeau: enjoying the EVO sail features

NeilPryde has announced the latest version of the EVO windsurf racing sail. The EVO V has been updated in all areas from aspect ratio to seam shape.

In 2012, the EVO IV sail by NeilPryde helped Antoine Albeau win the PWA Slalom world title. Now, research, development, innovation and technology have created the new model for even faster rides.

The RS:Racing sail has updated its integrated compact clew and the closure system. The higher aspect ratio compared to EVO IV improves light wind performance and maneuverability on the race course.

The EVOV is also expanded into specialist "speedseeker" sizes of 5.0m and 5.4m. These are developed for the GPS speed circuit or those chasing speed thrills at their local flatwater spot.

These sizes feature maximum acceleration and top end speed. The more broad the sailing angle and the more powered these sails are, the better they perform.

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