Lennart Neubauer: getting ramps into windsurfing | Photo: Red Bull

The Greek windsurfing phenomenon returned to his sporting roots for a wild and innovative project.

Lennart Neubauer made his first steps in windsurfing at the Laguna Beach Park in the Greek resort of Naxos in 2014.

In 2021, he returned to his roots for his latest sailing project.

Neubauer was born in the German city of Bremen.

However, he was brought up on the Greek island of Naxos and got the taste for the sport that has made his name.

He learned his trade from 2014 at the Laguna Beach Park club, where he was given the nickname "Little Mowgli" because of his hair.

His rapid progress saw him claim first place in 2018 Under 15 Windsurf Wave World Championship and Windsurf Freestyle World Championship.

In 2019, Neubauer secured the Under 16 Windsurf Freestyle European Championship title and progressed to gold in the Under 17 Windsurf Wave World Championship category to cement his tag as a phenomenon.

Ramps Are Back in Windsurfing

After the 2020 pandemic halted events, Neubauer returned with a fun project called Lennart's Wind Park, where the 17-year-old came face to face with impressive ramps and created astonishing tricks on the water.

Many of his tricks were performed for the first time on a ramp and, for this very purpose, windsurf manufacturer Starboard created a special board with bigger reinforcements than the conventional ones.

The spot is ideal for windsurfing as it offers perfect conditions for freestyle, wave, and slalom.

Still, Neubauer had to tackle strong winds and unstable ramps to deliver an exhilarating trick series.

On top of the adverse weather conditions, his sail was torn apart during a difficult landing on the second day of the project, but it was quickly replaced with the help of the Laguna Beach Park team.

Neubauer, who had to attend school every morning before afternoon and evening filming, was thrilled to see the world's first windsurf park and wanted to hit the ramps immediately after laying eyes on them.

The first trick he thought of was a Pasko.

Lennart made two spins in the air off a big kicker with the back loop more difficult to pull off cleanly as he could not figure out how to land it.

"The feeling when I manage a difficult trick cannot be described. I am very glad that we had such great moments!" revealed Lennart Neubauer.

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