New changes in windsurf racing rules

January 22, 2013 | Windsurfing
Slalom windsurfing: touch the mark and grab the boat

Windsurf racing has new rules and will take effect between 2013 and 2016.

For example, to define board tack we had to look at the board side, but according to new definition we have to look at the competitor's hand. So, which hand - in normal position - is closer to mast: that is the board's tack.

In all windsurfing races - expect Slalom races - the B2-16.3 rule has changed. A right-of-way board can't change course during the last minute, instead of the previous 30 seconds of the former rule.

In the B2-24.3, the old line said that the sail must be out of the water when a board is approaching the starting line to start, which means an unclear period of time. Now, this rule defines the period as one minute, before the starting signal.

A critical change has effect in the B3-31 rule. Now, the windsurf board can touch a mark and can hold on to the mark. This means that windsurfers may hold on to the starting vessel and wait for the start, unless it is forbidden by sailing instructions.

Protests based on hearsay are no longer valid and the race committee may give oral instructions, not only on the water, but also on ashore.

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