New tracking technology to be tested at the 2010 RS:X World Championships in Keterminde

May 27, 2010 | Windsurfing

Kerteminde: the RS:X windsurfers should arrive in August

The City of Kerteminde in Denmark will stage the 2010 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships at the end of August and will also present to the global community of sailors the world premiere of a truly ground breaking integrated media platform combining the tracking of boards whilst racing and live video images from the race course.

"Sailstream - You are the producer" as this new digital communication platform is called will allow spectators in Kerteminde to watch the racing on giant screens ashore and give a global audience the opportunity to watch live action on their computer screens.

"The Sailstream - You Are The Producer" concept is the brainchild of the organisers in cooperation with Zenitel and TracTrac. The idea behind the concept is a completely new combination of GPS-tracking, livestreaming and course commentary, which should make the spectator experience exceptionally exciting.

"This game changing technology lets the spectator choose which video stream he or she wishes to watch, hence the tag line 'You Are The Producer' " says Jacob Møhl from Sail Event Kerteminde who is co-responsible for the PR & Media Relations for the 2010 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships and has worked on this innovative idea with Zenitel. "Both the tracking technology and live video images will be seen on the same web page"

The core of the concept is that 3 or more video cameras can move independently from point to point on the race track, transmitting directly from the water to the Internet. So you can swatch the start, mark roundings and slalom sections of the course before taking in the finish as well.

The spectator in front of his computer screen can choose for himself (or herself) which camera angle he/she prefers and thanks to the GPS tracking he/she can easily follow what's part of the course the action is coming from.

This flexible combination of video, tracking and live commentary is set to provide both the experienced sailing freak and the completely novice sailing spectator with a ground-breaking experience.

"It's fantastic for the RS:X Class to be so closely involved in this cutting edge development which will bring Olympic sailing closer to a global audience than ever before" said Mike Dempsey, RS:X Class president ""We have been working hard to develop our online media presence for three years. Now with "Sailstream", we're moving on to cloud servers to handle the expected traffic"

The city of Kerteminde, anxious to brand itself as the world's most cozy Lilliputian sailing city will be dressed overall for the RS:X World Championships. It has officially named the week "World Water Week" and will stage a lot of water related side-activities.

The RS:X event 2010 is scheduled from 27 August - 5 September. Behind the event organisation stand as strong partners as Sail Event Kerteminde in cooperation with The City of Kerteminde, Sport Event Fyn and Sport Event Denmark. The organisers are looking forward to welcoming all participants, officials and spectators to the beautiful City of Kerteminde.

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