Niclas Nebelung shines in the 2018 German Freestyle Battle kick-off

May 16, 2018 | Windsurfing
Niclas Nebelung: he stormed the Mercedes-Benz Surf-Festival 2018 | Photo: GFB

Niclas Nebelung has taken out the first event of the 2018 German Freestyle Battle (GFB) series, in the Fehmarn Island.

For the fifth consecutive year, the German freestyle windsurfing elite gathered for the Mercedes-Benz Surf-Festival 2018.

Despite the lack of wind on the first day, there was enough breeze on the last day to start a single elimination and crown a champion.

Spectacular maneuvers were also shown on Friday during the tow-in session in front of a large audience. As an experienced tow-in pilot, Foivos Tsoupras beat his counterparts with a never seen before skopu.

In the main event, the final four sailors were Valentin Böckler, Adrian Beholz, and Niclas Nebelung. The last heats were not easy to judge, with the wind dwindling in the evening.

Eber proved that he is still a dangerous opponent. However, it was not enough for him to overcome Nebelung, who convinced the judges with bilateral power moves and an overall rock-solid performance.

"What an amazing time at this year's Surffestival! After a second place in tow-in, I was able to get on top of the podium of the main competition! I'm super happy about my performance and can't wait for the next battle in Rügen," said Nebelung.

The women's division had some surprises in store. Favorite windsurfer Johanna Rümenapp was surprisingly beaten in the first round by Malin Körner, and it was 18-year-old Lisa Kloster, with clean spocks, who came out victorious.

2018 German Freestyle Battle | #1 Fehmarn Island

1. Niclas Nebelung
2. Tilo Eber
3. Adi Beholz
4. Valentin Böckler

1. Lisa Kloster
2. Malin Körner
3. Johanna Rümenapp
4. Lisa Hogenkamp

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