2018 Défi Wind: 1,200 windsurfers speeding up in Gruissan | Photo: Défi Wind

Nicolas Warembourg has taken out the 2018 Défi Wind, in Gruissan, France.

It was one of the most exciting editions of all time with 1,200 windsurfers in the starting line speeding up powered by epic 35-knot plus winds.

After two days without wind, the Tramontane returned to the regatta field and allowed the organization to run two epic races won by Warembourg.

Despite the challenging conditions, competitors were pleased with the angle from which the wind blew because they were able to sail in two directions.

Dani Pedrosa, multiple world motorcycling champion, was one of the legends watching the drama unfold, alongside Björn Dunkerbeck, who is recovering from hip surgery. Pedrosa revealed he will be racing next year in Gruissan.

But for Nicolas Warembourg, it was a dream come true. The French windsurfer had finished runner-up twice, and it was time he fulfilled his destiny.

Two new names complete the podium of the 2018 Défi Wind, Nicolas Goyard was already known for his speed skills in slalom and foiling. This time, he proved that he is also very strong in the long distance discipline, and finished second.

Amateur windsurfer and journalist Kevin Grosjean left behind two former winners of the event - Andrea Cucchi and Patrik Diethelm - and climbed to the podium in third place.

In the women's division, local windsurfer Cécile Decourt won all rounds and proved she can master difficult conditions. She finished 136th overall in front of more than 1,000 men.

2018 Défi Wind | Top 5

1. Nicolas Warembourg
2. Nicolas Goyard
3. Kevin Grosjean
4. Andrea Cucchi
5. Patrik Diethelm

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