Nivå holds the Kona One Design Worlds

July 25, 2011 | Windsurfing
Kona One: a true classic

The Danish Board Sailing Association and the prominent Nivaa Yacht Club will host the Kona One Design Worlds, from 2nd-7th August. The windsurfing event is expected to be one of the biggest in the history of the class.

Competitors of all ages and from all over the world will fight for the medals. On identical equipment, but with a unique "handicap system" with different sail sizes to equalize different body weights which makes the class the only one of its kind.

The concept was introduced in 2006 and has opened up for even possibilities for all. Among the favorites are the outstanding trio that occupied the podium in last year's Worlds, in Miami: Juliano Calabrin, France, Adam Holm, Sweden and Dominique Valle, Canada along with local legend Tim Aagesen as the current Danish Champion.

Still, the strong Swedish team with the largest fleet world wide is expected to dominate the competitions as they have for the last couple of years. The individual winners of all weight groups and divisions will be awarded, but due to the "one big fleet concept", only the over all winner will be crowned the champ.

This is significantly adding to the excitement, as it allows all weight groups to compete at equal terms, rather than having separate starts for each division. Likewise, it simplifies the organization and boost the recognition of the overall and true champion.

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