Olympic windsurfer decides to quit regattas

August 3, 2012 | Windsurfing
Carolina Borges Mendelblatt: say goodbye to the London 2012 Olympic Games

Carolina Borges Mendelblatt is under heavy fire after deciding to leave the 2012 Olympic Games, in the RS:X class.

The Portuguese windsurfer born in Brazil sent an email to the Portuguese head of mission Mario Santos, explaining she was withdrawing from the RS:X competition for "personal and medical reasons".

Portuguese officials say she didn't answered phone calls and that they would have to take immediate action.

"We cancelled her accreditation and now we are trying to find out what are the reasons for her withdrawal without consulting our chef de mission and our medical office", he said.

The 33-year old windsurfer is married to the American sailor Mark Mendelblatt, who is competing for the USA, in the Star sailing class.

Later, Carolina Borges Mendelblatt told she quit the London 2012 Olympic Games because she was pregnant, coachless and lacked support from the Portuguese mission.

"I am three months pregnant. I am saddened, (but) imagine if I broke something while I am pregnant, how would it be?", Mendelblatt explained in a Portuguese sports newspaper.

The Portuguese Olympic committee said Carolina did have a coach and that she had received Olympic funding, despite a short delay caused after she provided the wrong banking details.

"This was a total surprise to us," the mission wrote. "The athlete is contractually obliged to report to us all her clinical situations, which she never did".

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