Paulo dos Reis and Wilhelm Schurmann are US Windsurfing champions

July 30, 2010 | Windsurfing

US Windsurfing National Championships: tight sailing

An action packed agenda on the final day of the Starboard Severne US Windsurfing National Championships saw Freestyle, Slalom and Course racing come front and center.

First up was course racing and with 10 races in the bag the race committee called for 2 more races with a 12pm start. Much like yesterday the weather when the sailors left the beach was very different from the weather at the sound of the first starting gun. With a strong flood tide creating flat water and a just freshening 13-17 mph most sailors grabbed their 11 square meter sails while some wisely opted for the 9.5 or 10 meter sails.

By the time Paolo dos Reis lead the fleet around the first windward mark the breeze was a solid 20 mph gusting to 25 and the infamous San Francisco voodoo chop was just beginning to build.

dos Reis built an early lead and continued to extend it throughout the race. Aussie Phil McGain was trying to work the left side of the course but the normally present lift on that side eluded him while dos Reis sailed to a relatively easy race one victory.

By winning the race dos Reis clinched the US National and Formula North American title allowing him to not even have to sail the last race of the day. McGain took second while Wilhelm Schurmann rounded out the top 3.


As usual San Francisco delivered. With the best winds of the day on tap the 5 buoy slalom course was set up and the 10 racer strong Gold fleet was sent out. Starting at the boat end of the line Peter Bijl lead the fleet out. With superior board speed and flawless mark roundings he took the race one win.

Race two saw Aurelien Le Metayer show that perhaps his race 3 win over Wilhelm Schurmann the day before was no upset and that in fact the Frenchmen was a threat to win it all. Le Metayer came first, Bijl second and Schurmann third.

Race three started with Bijl again favoring the boat end of the line and again leading the fleet to the first mark. Unfortunately for Bijl his start was a little too good resutling in an over early disqualification and taking Xavier Ferlet who was also over early out with him. With Bijl out Schurmann was awarded the win with McGain taking second and Le Metayer third.

With the fourth and final race on tap Schurmann was determined to win one out right and that is just what he did. Bijl again started at the boat while Schurmann opted for a pin end start. This time the pin end worked out for Schurmann who took the win with Bijl in second and McGain in third. With no throw outs in play Wilhelm Schurmann became the new 2010 US National Slalom Champion.

Overall title:

New to this years event was the awarding of an overall title. Based on the cumulative performance in Slalom, Long Distance, and Course racing Phil McGain came out on top. Even more impressive considering a considerable amound of time having not sailed formula gear. Truly an impressive performance. The Overall Trophy was built an donated in the memory of one of San Francisco Bays most respected racers Bill Weir. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.