Perfect conditions mark the Taranaki Wave Classic 09

October 25, 2009 | Windsurfing

Taranaki Wave Classic 2009

Each year like clockwork the warm up day Friday produced some amazing down the line wavesailing. A clean logo to mast high swell rolling three hundred metres down the perfect reef break that is called Pungarahu.

Today provided a great chance for out of town competitors for the Taranaki Wave Classic 09 to get into the swing of riding the world class waves of Taranaki coastline. Pungarahu was producing the goods with riders getting upwards of 10 turns on each wave.

I have not seen so many buzzing smiling people since last Taranaki Wave Classic. Quotes like "Best wave of my life", "Best ever" and "arrrrr I hate rocks".

The local guys were really showing their experience out on the break. James Dinnis the MC and judge for the competition was throwing huge turns and showing people what the judges like to see.

Mike La Franchie, Paul Barron and Chris La Franchie were showing why they have been at the top of the TWC honours board in the last few years. They were displaying committed sailing and not holding back. Other outstanding sailors were Dirk Schmit, Charles Dinnis, Bikki, Alex (New Caledonia) and Garry McCorry.

Lucky there are a few spot prizes of sails because the unforgiving rocks laid claim to demolishing a fair bit of gear.

The forecast for the next couple days is looking less promising.

We have good amounts of clean swell. Just the wind is quite light. Fingers crossed!

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