Peter Volwater conquers the 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic in Australia

January 10, 2010 | Windsurfing

Peter Volwater

Peter Volwater won the 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic, held in Western Australia.

The winner completed the longest running windsurfing event in Australia in 27m58s.

Patrik Diethelm was second with 28m11s and Steve Allen got third with a total time of 28m34s.

In the Women's windsurfing marathon, Karin Jaggi was the best. She completed the 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic in 34m52.

Annika Gillgren was second, followed by Kanza Stott.

The event was held in excellent conditions. Wind and swell have really hit Lancelin.

Everyone had plenty of time to test huge aerials, jumps and superb wave riding tricks.


1st Peter Volwater
2nd Patrik Diethelm
3rd Steve Allen
4th Dan Engdahl
5th Björn Dunkerbeck


1st Karin Jaggi
2nd Annika Gillgren
3rd Kanza Stott
4th Leone Darman
5th Linda Stott

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