Peter Volwater wins the 2009 Lancelin Ocean Classic in Australia

January 15, 2009 | Windsurfing

Peter Volwater wins the Lancelin Classic

The first and best long distance marathon race of the year takes place in West Australia - Lancelin.

It is the Guinness book of records longest running windsurfing event and this year around 160 competitors from all over the world started at the beach of Ledge Point to take on the challenge. To enter is more important then winning, lots of familiar happy faces from people that have made this tradition. There is different classes - women, junior, open, masters, grand masters and elite.

Some people do the race on wave boards making it even more of an accomplishment to make the pub down wind in Lancelin - 25 km’s away. For full results check the event homepage, surf around and make sure to come out next year for the 25th LOC!

There was a fine wave event held at South Passage won by Jaeger Stone with impressive manouvres.

In the elite division it was a very tight race with Chris Lockwood. I had a difficult starting position in the middle of everyone, and couldn't get planing at first. But it was no write-off and got up to speed quickly enough realizing that it was a fast pace. The brand new Maui Sails TR-5 7,6  together with F2 SX M proved to be a solid combination.

While overtaking several guys, I finally got Chris at the 5th cray boat, but lost 1st position again at the next one  - cause the reach was soo broad and far we couldn't see where they had anchored, to the advantage of Chris.

But at the last boat he went too wide and I could pass him back (re-spritzed him) pulling a swift gybe on the inside. Leading the last reach back all the way to the finish line in 29 minutes and 16 seconds, I was followed closely by ’08 gps speed champ Chris Lockwood and Patrik Diethelm in 3rd.

Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers for the fantastic weekend, WA rocks!

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