Peter Volwater wins 2012 Lancelin Ocean Classic

January 18, 2012 | Windsurfing
Peter Volwater: six victories in Lancelin is not enough

Peter Volwater has conquered the 2012 Lancelin Ocean Classic, in Australia. The Dutch windsurfer completed the 26-kilometre windsurfing marathon in 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

Volwater was less than two minutes faster than Jesper Orth, who finished the race in second place. There were 158 windsurfers kicking off from the Western Australian town of Ledge Point to the beach of Lancelin - 150 male riders and eight women.

"I just wanted to get off the beach smoothly and I had more board speed than most as I was leading at the final marker. My strategy was just to get back here as soon as I could for a cold beer," Volwater said.

"After the shocker I had last year, I was really pleased to come in first this year. Thanks to all the people, who made the event possible. It's great to see everyone – it's the highlight of my summer", he added. Peter Volwater won the Lancelin Ocean Classic for the sixth time.

Karin Jaggi was the first female windsurfer to cross the line and finished 13rd overall. The 27th Lancelin Ocean Classic was another great hit. Matthew Langer was the best of the Masters division and finished the challenge in 42 minutes and ten seconds.

The 2012 Lancelin Ocean Classic attracted 3000 visitors to the town. The event was created by a group of enthusiast windsurfers and business people in Lancelin in 1986 and to date is still the biggest and longest running windsurfing event in Australia.

Lancelin offers some of the best beaches, ocean and pristine sand dunes in Australia.

2012 Lancelin Ocean Classic | Results

1. Peter VOLWATER (Elite) 00:35:58
2. Jesper ORTH (Elite) 00:37:34
3. Patrick DIETHELM (Elite) 00:37:53
4. Chris LOCKWOOD (Elite) 00:38:07
5. Isaac DE VRIES (Elite) 00:38:10
6. Rowen LAW (Elite) 00:38:35
7. Steven STRATFORD (Elite) 00:38:59
8. Daniel AEBERLI (Elite) 00:39:06
9. Bjorn DUNDERBECK (Elite) 00:39:08
10. Blair GAVIN (Elite) 00:39:10
11. Leo SHARPE (Open) 00:39:24
12. Ben PROFFITT (Elite) 00:40:23
13. Karin JAGGI (Womens) 00:41:12
14. Brad ANDERSON (Elite) 00:42:06
15. Matthew LANGER (Masters) 00:42:10