Philip Koster is the PWA Sailor of the Year 2012

March 26, 2013 | Windsurfing

Philip Koster: sailor of the year 2012

Philip Koster has been named Sailor of the Year 2012 by the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA), in the first edition of the Islas Canarias PWA Excellence Awards.

Koster was honoured for both his performance on the water and the amazing coverage for windsurfing he has generated outside the specialized windsurfing media.

Daida Moreno and Andre Paskowski, who have shown a phenomenal amount of strength and courage during this past year, have been named Honorary Award of the Year. Paskowski has also taken the Short film of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Windsurfing Cinematography.

"I am working on a new windsurfing movie in Full HD. It will be called 'Below the Surface'. It will be Victor Fernandez plus four other PWA riders. We aim to deliver again an outstanding result", says Andre Paskowski.

"I have made some nice investments into new gear and I believe it will pay off in quality. My girlfriend plays a big role. She gives me lots of power and it feels good to not plan for one week till the next chemo but instead to plan six months until the premiere, in Sylt"

The Biggest Wave of the Year 2012 was scored by Jason Polakow. The Wipeout of the Year went to Finn Mullen, the Jump of the Year was conquered by Robby Swift and the Freestyle Move trophy was claimed by Jacopo Testa.

Islas Canarias PWA Excellence Awards 2012:

Biggest Wave:
Jason Polakow and Iballa Moreno

Robby Swift and Daida Moreno

Best Single Wave:
Alex Mussolini and Iballa Moreno

Freestyle Move:
Jacopo Testa and Sarah-Quita Offringa

Finn Mullen and Justyna Sniady

Racing Move:
Winner: Ben Van Der Steen

PWA Sailor of the Year 2012:
Philip Köster

Honorary Award:
Daida Moreno and Andre Paskowski

Photographer of the Year:
John Carter

Short Film of the Year:
Andre Paskowski and Jose Gollito Estredo

Outstanding Achievement in Windsurfing Cinematography:
Andre Paskowski and Camille Juban, Robby Swift, Boujma Guilloul and Flo Jung

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