Philip Köster: triple forward attempt | Photo: Carter/PWA

It has been considered the world's finest triple forward attempt ever in the history of competitive windsurfing. Who could've done it? Philip Köster, for sure.

You know Pozo. The ultimate wave sailing spot in Gran Canaria was blowing its trademark howling winds, gusting to almost 50 knots. Additionally, Pozo had perfect ramps allowing windsurfers to jump and fly.

In the Men's single elimination final, Alex Mussolini and Köster lined up for a spectacular show. The Spanish opened the hostilities with a perfectly executed forward, but the German sailor answered with a planing double forward.

Mussolini landed a monstrous backloop; Philip landed a breathtaking pushloop-forward. The Spanish didn't want to let go and pulled a superb one-handed, one-footed backloop, followed by frontside 3s and silky smooth takas.

Philip Köster knew he had to do the impossible to clinch the win. He accelerated, chased a wave ramp and hit the lip. One, two, and almost three. It was by far the best triple forward loop attempt in professional windsurfing.

"I think it was my best triple forward. I rotated a lot and went straight to the water, and it was quite good. It was my best attempt, so I'll keep trying it, and we'll see when I land it," revealed the German windsurfer.

Feeling excited? Learn how to do a forward loop.

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